Precision Metal Stamping Equipment

Through the industrial manufacturers we represent, HD Burke is able to offer our customers a full spectrum of high quality metal stamping products and services. Our partners will work with you to determine the materials, tooling and production method that will best serve the needs of your metal stamping project. Quality engineers and inspectors closely follow every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure tight tolerance and appearance oriented precision metal stampings.

Transfer Press Stamping Equipment

Transfer press stamping is a process that is typically used to form parts into a cupped shape. During the transfer press stamping process, steel coil is fed into a press and a blank is created where the material is cut from the coil strip. This blank is then transferred from draw station to draw station where the “cup” is created.

Transfer presses are available in several forms but include two basic types: the individually cam operated plunger press (ICOP) and solid bed dieset press. In an ICOP transfer press, a rotating shaft with cam lobes drives the movement of each press station individually. A dieset transfer press has a solid flat surface that activates all press stations at the same time.

Deep Draw Stampings

Deep draw metal stamping is used to produce seamless metal enclosures such as cans, boxes and bottles. Common industrial applications for deep draw metal stampings include specialty fasteners, gasket retainers, tubes, shell casings and valve seals – just to name a few.

Our source for deep draw stampings utilizes hydroforming and deep drawing presses to produce high quality metal stampings for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, plumbing and more. On-staff mechanical engineers work to help formulate and revise designs to ensure the highest level of performance at the lowest possible cost.