About Us

Our Focus

We provide custom engineered components to the OEM market place and industrial distributors. To best serve our customers, we represent vertically integrated manufacturers with an emphasis on value-added capabilities. This focus provides single source responsibility and continuous quality.

Our Purpose

A company’s supply chain is the critical link to a successful relationship with their customers. The quality of a supply base directly impacts the products and services a company delivers. Our agency is intently focused on this dynamic relationship by providing value, strength, and reliability to this life line that connects our customers with their customers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing dedicated support from product inception through delivery and assembly for the life of the program. Our involvement does not end at the customer’s dock. Prompt and professional communication will always drive our service.

Our Services

Our agency specializes in a wide range of services to meet your needs including…

  • product and process education
  • product development support
  • samples and idea generation
  • request for quotations and proposals
  • design review
  • project management
  • full sales support

Continuous Education

Information and knowledge are key contributors to success. Our agency values continuous education in order to best support our business partners. Our access to highly talented engineers, manufacturing technicians, quality experts, and other professionals provides critical resources to any project.

To ensure success in new product development we encourage design review sessions to identify potential design or manufacturing issues before production. We not only focus on part design, but assembly and environmental conditions.

Our “Lunch ‘N Learn” programs provide an excellent educational forum to learn about new products, processes, and technology that can be implemented into new product designs or product enhancements. This engaging experience can be beneficial to many levels within an organization, including engineering, purchasing, quality and marketing. The best part is we come to your facility and tailor the program to your specific interest and schedule. Please contact our office to schedule your “Lunch ‘N Learn” session.