Specialty Fasteners


Spring Steel Fasteners and Stampings

ISO 9000:2008

A true American success story, Die Co. was born out of a basement in 1963, producing precision tools and dies for high-speed punch presses. After buying their first fourslide stamping press, Die Co. wrote a new chapter in their history that would take them to the top in their industry. With continued growth came constant expansion and today they operate 62 fourslide stamping presses in an 66,000 square feet manufacturing facility. Their product line includes cage nuts, nut retainers, u-nuts, j-nuts, wire clips, compression rings, clips, clamps, and custom parts.

Die Co. is a vertically integrated manufacturing operation supporting our customers from concept to production and inventory management. Maintaining control over tooling, production and finishing, Die Co. is able to deliver the most cost effective products on-time and to exacting quality standards.

With an engineering heritage, Die Co. offers unparalleled design support to help achieve product development success.



Custom Split-Seam Tubular Components ● Sleeves ● Bushings ● Multi-Slide Parts

ISO 9001:2008

The W.J. Baker Co. has been driving innovation for over 100 years and their commitment to providing the best service and quality parts has earned them a rightful place in American industry.

Baker’s talented manufacturing and engineering groups have developed a masterfully efficient way to produce custom tubular metal components such as spacers, sleeves, and bushing. With advanced manufacturing techniques, Baker can achieve value-added secondary operations in a continuous process that reduces overall part costs.

With multiple part configuration options and efficient processing, Baker is an excellent source for simple to complex tubular part applications.

Serving agriculture, automotive, heavy equipment, HVAC, lawn and garden, lighting, marine, office furniture, recreational vehicles, truck suspension systems,