In 1945, following a prosperous career as a steel salesman, Halpin D. Burke saw an opportunity to forge a new business. Halpin developed an interest in the products made from the steel he sold. He believed, by becoming an independent rep, he could enhance the efficiency of the supply chain and better support the customer’s needs. Halpin formulated a business plan that would create a dedicated network of component manufacturers to serve the OEM market. Service would become the foundation of his new business.

Halpin rented a desk and a phone from a company located in downtown St. Louis and began his journey. He traveled the Midwest, growing his business one customer at a time and quickly proved his ability to the manufacturers he represented. In 1953, after returning from the Korean War, Halpin’s son Halpin T. or “Hap” as he was known joined the company establishing Halpin D. Burke & Son. Today the company is led by David Burke, the third generation, who remains committed to the company’s founding principles.

Since our inception in 1945, our business has endured many changes, including difficult recessions, overseas competition and how business is conducted. However, from generation to generation, our commitment to uncompromising service has sustained us through each challenge.

We believe this dedication to serve our principals and customer alike has fostered lasting relationships, many of which date back over sixty years.