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HD Burke provides single-source responsibility for developing and manufacturing custom rubber components, cast urethane parts and assemblies. With expertise spanning multiple molding technologies and material engineering, we can deliver value-added solutions.

Process Offerings

Rubber Molding

Utilizing various molding processes, rubber compounds are converted into functional parts, simple to complex designs in a variety of materials, both standard and custom. Elastomers can store and dissipate energy, perform in challenging environments, and are light weight. Material selection and chemistry are critical to part performance. Molding processes include compression, transfer, rep injection, and ram injection.

Urethane Molding

Polyurethane materials can be molded in a variety of ways including open-cast, spin-cast, compression, or low-pressure injection. Insert molding is also an option for added mechanical structure. Urethane molding offers a wide range of hardness and performance values such as high load bearing capabilities, high abrasion resistance, low coefficients of friction, tear resistance and chemical resistance. Urethane parts can even perform better than metal in applications requiring improved wear properties, less noise, lighter weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-sparking and more. This versatile process is great for low to mid-range volumes and offers advantages over rubber, plastic, and metal parts.


Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Assemblies

Combining metal components such as machined hubs with elastomer parts using advanced bonding technologies ensures part integrity, performance, and quality.


Value-Add Capabilities

Beyond molding, finishing a part with enhanced capabilities such as insert overmolding, secondary machining, die-cutting, and custom packaging delivers more value under one quality system.


Molded Dimensions, LLC

ISO 9001 Certified


Rubber Molding ● Polyurethane Molding • Assemblies

People and processes are what differentiates MDI as the experts in custom molded elastomer solutions. MDI offers 100% commitment to serving our customers. Their design and material engineering groups provide technical expertise to meet the most challenging applications. Advanced manufacturing and value-added processes deliver product on-time and to the most stringent quality metrics.

Core capabilities include engineering, research and development, material analysis and compounding, tooling, multiple molding technologies, value-added processing, expert quality technicians and project management.

Successful product introduction begins with planning and development. Molded Dimensions understands this fundamental relationship and offers focused resources to make our customers successful. Controlling the process from material selection and tooling development, MDI can provide best-in class support. This process control mated with extensive production capabilities permits responsive collaboration with our customers to affect successful product launch.

MDI’s engineering heritage and total solutions approach to molded elastomer solutions delivers reliable and responsive capabilities to meet a broad range of applications. Their project management team ensures continuous support throughout the process.

Serving automotive, transportation, healthcare, construction, marine, high-speed packaging, plumbing, mining, small engine, electronics, heavy machines, agriculture, heavy equipment, oil, and gas.

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