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HD Burke offers knowledge and experience when sourcing woven and welded wire mesh products to ensure quality and performance. Wire mesh products can be found in applications requiring fine filtration or harsh environments and each requires the same attention to material selection and processing techniques.

Process Offerings

Woven Wire Cloth

A process of weaving individual metal wires to create a specific open space pattern. Product performance is achieved through proper selection of material, wire size, type of weave and crimp. Woven material can be supplied in either individual pieces, sheets, or rolls.

Welded Wire Mesh

A configuration of individual metal wires that are welded at each cross section creating a specified open space pattern. Welded mesh can be supplied in either individual pieces, sheets, or rolls.


Safety Systems

Wire mesh safety systems are used in critical environments needing reliable safety and protection such as machine guards, robotic enclosures, or perimeter fencing. The panel system is powder coated and ready for installation. Standard components are selected to create the appropriate system, or custom systems can be designed and manufactured.


Phoenix Wire Cloth

Wire Cloth ● Welded Wire Mesh ● Wire Mesh Partitions ● Safety Systems

Located in Detroit, MI, the heartland of American Industry, Phoenix Wire Cloth has been continuously operated by the same family since it was founded in 1885. Time tested, Phoenix has become an industry leader and trusted supplier of wire mesh products.

Focusing on product application, environment, and performance, Phoenix can help specify an appropriate product solution. Accustomed to the broad usage and applications for wire mesh products, Phoenix’s knowledge base covers heavy gauge mesh to micro-mesh in varying weave configurations and materials.

As a custom shop, Phoenix can manufacture and supply products to your exact specifications. Whether you need material provided in sheets, rolls or value-added fabricated components, Phoenix can help reduce your internal processing by delivering more cost-effective solutions.

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