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HD Burke offers comprehensive resources for precision metal stamping and fabrication allowing us to provide better solutions to complex sourcing needs. Through collaboration and understanding of specific project needs, our partners will work with you to determine materials, tooling, and production method. Quality engineers and inspectors closely follow every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy with tight tolerance and appearance-oriented precision metal components and assemblies.

Process Offerings

Short-Run Metal Stamping

A great option for volumes ranging from 1,000 – 30,000 pieces annually. Employing a proprietary tooling system commonly known as stage tooling, this stamping process minimizes tooling costs but can yield complex or tight tolerance part features or simple parts. Balanced cost structure with mid-range part pricing and lowest tooling investment. Tool development is quick allowing for shorter lead times.

Progressive Metal Stamping

Best solution for high volume parts ranging from 30,000 pieces to millions annually. Progressive die tooling delivers greater processing efficiencies, producing a finished part with each stroke of the press. This type of tooling is good for tight tolerance, complex parts but can also support simple designs. Tooling costs are higher and development time longer, but part pricing is lowest.


Metal Fabrication

Utilizing a variety of production methods, including lasers, waterjet, turret presses, and brake presses, metal fabrication is best for low volume and larger sized parts. This processing method typically allows for quicker lead times and minimal to no tooling costs. Adversely, piece prices are higher, and tolerances are not as tight.


Transfer Press Stamping

Transfer press stamping is designed for achieving high volume parts including those with deep draws. This process utilizes a progressive style tooling that typically produces a complete part from the press. As opposed to progressive die tooling where the part is moved continuously through the die set, transfer press tooling runs independently as stations allowing for exceptional versatility.


Metal Spinning

A unique process of forming metal into a cylindrical shape through either manual or automated equipment. Metal spinning is a great option for low-to-mid volume work and supports a range of materials and sizes. Tooling is less expensive than other draw methods with faster lead times.



Assembly options can help reduce costs and improve quality. Whether your project requires a simple weldment or complex build with many parts, we have the resources to meet the toughest requirements. Assembly work can reduce inventory and capital investment or help manage capacity or labor issues.


Metal Finishing

Whether your parts need painting, heat treat, plating, anodizing, special coating, or a host of other finish requirements we can meet your needs through in-house processing or a network of certified secondary processors.


Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co.

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ITAR

Short-Run Stamping • Progressive-Die Stamping • Deep Draw Stamping • Metal Fabrication • Assemblies

A versatile manufacturer with vertically integrated operations and multiple locations, Harvey Vogel offers comprehensive metal forming and assembly solutions.

Utilizing over 100 stamping presses ranging from 10 tons to 400 tons, along with lasers, turret presses, welding, machining, hardware insertion, fabrication, assembly, and finishing, Harvey Vogel can take on simple to complex jobs and support large program needs.  With in-house tooling and rapid-prototyping services, Harvey Vogel can deliver product quickly, meeting speed to market opportunities.

Specializing in custom metal components, Harvey Vogel provides extensive resources and capabilities to deliver solutions to enhance product functionality and competitiveness.  Employing multiple stamping and fabrication technologies coupled with a broad range of value-added services Harvey Vogel can do more while maintaining strict customer-centered quality and service metrics.

Serving Aerospace, Military, Medical, Agriculture, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Electronics, Computer, Food and Beverage, Recreation, Transportation.

Demsey Manufacturing

ISO 9001 Certified


Transfer Press Stamping ● Eyelet Machine Parts ● Assemblies ● Part Process Conversion Analysis

Demsey is a custom manufacturer of precision deep drawn metal stampings and eyelet machine parts with advanced manufacturing capabilities to yield better and more cost-efficient solutions. Their experienced engineers and metallurgist drive innovative problem solving to deliver successful results to our customers including cost-reducing conversion parts.

Demsey takes a collaborative approach to design the best manufacturing solution for our customers’ product needs.  From custom tooling design and manufacturing to value-add, in-process assembly and final inspection, Demsey will meet your program objectives.  Since 1954, service and quality has been Demsey’s signature for three generations.

Serving Aerospace, HVAC, Medical, Irrigation, Ordnance, Plumbing, Utility.

Able Industries Inc.

Metal Spinning

Employing the art of metal spinning, Able Industries produces cylindrical metal parts with depth and precision. With over 40 years of experience, Able is a highly nimble manufacturer supporting concept design through finished production parts. Responsive help is the cornerstone of Able’s operations.

Serving lighting, filtration, medical, automotive, industrial.

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