Metal Stamping & Fabrication


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A versatile manufacturer with vertically integrated operations and multiple locations, Harvey Vogel offers comprehensive metal forming and assembly solutions.

Utilizing over 100 stamping presses ranging from 10 tons to 400 tons, along with lasers, water-jet cutting, welding, machining, hardware insertion, fabrication, assembly, and finishing, Harvey Vogel can take on simple to complex jobs and support large program needs.  With in-house tooling and rapid-prototyping services, Harvey Vogel can deliver product quickly, meeting speed to market opportunities.

Specializing in custom engineered components, Harvey Vogel provides extensive resources and capabilities to deliver solutions to enhance product functionality and competitiveness.  Employing multiple stamping and fabrication technologies coupled with a broad range of value-added services Harvey Vogel can do more while maintaining strict customer-centered quality and service metrics.

Serving Military, Medical, Computer, Aerospace, Agriculture and Mining, Industrial, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Recreation.

Short-Run Metal Stamping

Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co.’s experience with stage tool production and our large selection of shared tooling can make your metal parts an economic success! Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. utilizes shared die sets throughout the metal stamping process, which significantly reduces the overall cost to you. Our expansive inventory of common form tools can also be utilized at virtually no cost. Engineering/Tooling charges are generally only a few hundred dollars. While every part is unique, Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. has been producing parts for 70 years and has accumulated a large supply of stock tooling for virtually every metal stamping operation.

The ideal annual volumes for this process are between 1,000 and 30,000 pieces.

Progressive Metal Stamping

High tonnage progressive capable metal stamping presses Including our latest a 400-ton Brown & Boggs press. Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co. can do more for you! If you require volumes of 30,000 pieces or more annually our progressive tooling and our stamping presses with sufficient blanking pressures can dramatically lower the per piece price for your parts.

Metal Fabrication

This process involves, turrets, lasers & press brakes. This involves little to no tooling, and is the most time consuming. The piece price is at its highest level with this process but the tooling, involves little to no monetary investment. Volumes for this process should be less than 1,000 pieces annually.


we can simply assemble a few parts for you or complete a Bill of Materials (BOM) of hundreds of different components. Our strong project management teams allows us to build, procure and assemble various metal, plastic, wiring and other components to create your final product with the highest quality. We can also finish your parts to meet any of your requirements. This greatly simplifies your process by using only Harvey Vogel instead of hassling with potentially hundreds of vendors.

Metal Finishing

Transfer Press Stamping ● Eyelet Machine Parts ● In-Process Assembly ● Part Process Conversion Analysis

ISO 9001Certified

Demsey is a custom manufacturer of precision deep drawn metal stampings and eyelet machine parts with advanced manufacturing capabilities to yield better and more cost efficient solutions.  Their experienced engineers and metallurgist drives innovative problem solving to deliver successful results to our customers including cost-reducing conversion parts.

Demsey takes a collaborative approach to design the best manufacturing solution for our customer’s product needs.  From custom tooling design and manufacturing to value-add in process assembly to final inspection, Demsey will meet your program objectives.  Since 1954, service and quality has been Demsey’s signature for three generations.

Serving Aerospace, HVAC, Medical, Irrigation, Ordnance, Plumbing, Utility



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