Precision Machining Services

For conventional and CNC precision machining services, we rely on one of the top performance leaders in the industry to provide our customers with close tolerances and complex features they demand. Super precision equipment, live tooling and full range capacity are just a few of the superior precision machining capabilities we can offer.

Precision machining services include:

  • Contour turning
  • Form turning
  • Milling
  • Tapping
  • Reaming
  • Thread grinding, and more!

Short run or long term, we can offer the precision machining services you need.

Screw Machine Products

Though the screw machine was named for its original use in making screws, it is rarely used for such purposes today. These days a screw machine is used to produce a wide range of high-volume components and parts for a number of industrial applications. From shafts, to threaded couplings, connectors, fittings and spacers, a screw machine is capable of producing all of these and more.

At HD Burke, our partner in screw machine services and products has been a leader in the industry since 1959. Capabilities include high-volume, multiple-spindle screw machining as well as lower volume single-spindle screw machine production. Their extensive experience with screw machine materials, finishes, tolerances and features provides our customers with high-quality solutions and the quickest possible turn-around times for screw machining projects.

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